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We’re going to Jordan, and of course there’s a story

On Jan. 15, we’d been home from Belize for 15 days.  I’d been home from Nicaragua for two.

That evening we booked two flights to Amman, Jordan.

Fast forward to March.

I took a memoir writing course and met a woman who spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East.

“Have you been to Jordan?” I asked. “My husband and I are going in May.”

She’d never been, but she said, “You should connect with this guy named Doug who takes people to Jordan. I forget his last name but he raises camels.”

So I Googled him.

Doug + camels + Texas

I found him. The Texas Camel Corps.

I sent him a Facebook message. He replied.

“I’d love to discuss on the phone,” he wrote. “Short version = GO!”

We talked on the phone for an hour. His passion and enthusiasm for Jordan was contagious and when I hung up, Murali and I were more excited than before.

Doug connected us with one of his Jordanian friends who will accompany us around the country. The two of them have graciously helped us firm up the itinerary for our 15-day tour through Jordan, and after weeks of communication through WhatsApp, we feel as though we have a friend waiting for us when we arrive.

Fast forward to today.

We’re leaving tomorrow!

We’ll be talking about our trip online and you can follow along our journey with #AlladaJordan.

Now, back to packing.

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