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Here’s what I’d say to the graduating class of 2016

I’m 10 years removed from the day I earned my bachelor’s degree and eight years from my master’s. I just finished my third year teaching at Texas State University and just attended my fourth (or fifth) graduation ceremony where I cheered for all my graduating students. I’ve worked with many senior students inside and outside the classroom and stayed in touch with many of them post-graduation.

Here’s what I’d say to the graduating class of 2016:

You’re gonna be alright.

I can’t say that your dream job is just around the corner, and I can’t promise that you’ll find even a mediocre one. I can’t guarantee that you won’t move back in with your parents, or that you won’t live in someone’s basement for awhile.

Your paychecks might be underwhelming at first and you might look for a second job to supplement them. You might have to defer your student loan repayment. You might have to hustle to pay for groceries.

But, at the end of the day, you’ll be alright.

You’ll be resilient.

You’ll savor your season of plenty when it arrives.

You’ll measure your return on risky decisions by asking questions like, “Will this cause irreparable harm to my body or others? Will it render me homeless?” because after you’ve survived the worst that can happen (whatever that means to you), you’re free from the torment of “what ifs.”

I’m not going to end this by telling you not to worry. You probably already are.

But in the middle of worrying, stop yourself every once in awhile. Remind yourself what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve lived through, what your goals are and what your journey has been so far. Breathe deeply, embrace gratitude, get a therapist, walk through open doors and don’t beat your head on the closed ones. Love humanity, hold the door open for someone, take a long walk in the woods and connect with your soul.

Hey, you.

You’re gonna be alright.

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